We Understand the Challenges of Raising Capital

As experienced entrepreneurs we know how complex and time consuming it is to raise capital. We have been on both sides – raising capital as business owners, and providing business owners access to capital. Our understanding and experience will save you time and money.

Royalty Based Finance

Royalty Based Finance is an innovative new source of growth capital that fits between debt financing and venture capital.

Your company receives growth capital in exchange for a fixed percentage of the monthly top-line revenue. Payments are flexible, no personal guarantees.

The funding is non-dilutive; business owners retain equity and management control.

Business Friendly Funding

Our firm serves as an intermediary (Not a Fund) to provide growing companies easy access to business friendly funding.

We focus on emerging companies, with annual revenue between $3M and $50M, that are seeking $1M-$3.5M in growth capital.

Our focus is Royalty Based Finance (RBF).

Save Time & Money

Raising capital is a difficult and time-consuming process, especially for a growing company.

We provide our clients easier access to capital at more favorable terms, so they can concentrate on running their business.

We Save You Time and Money

Joel Sparber


Mr. Sparber, a UCLA graduate, is a senior sales executive with over 30 years of experience in information technology. He was in executive management with an equity position for three telecommunications start-up firms – SP Telcom, absorbed by CenturyLink, WilTel, acquired by MCI WorldCom, Vanion Telecom, acquired by an Internet service provider.

Kevin Loud

Senior Advisor

Mr. Loud is President of Lobaki, a start-up technology firm. For the previous 16 years he was a senior partner at Clear Growth Capital, an investment bank in Scottsdale, AZ.  Prior to that he successfully co-founded 4 start-up firms (3 in telecommunications, and an investment bank) and has extensive experience in management, capital formation

Chris Phillips

Senior Advisor

Mr. Phillips is a successful entrepreneur and veteran of the Internet and telecommunications industries, He has 12+ years in ISP and CLEC operations and management.  He has leadership and executive level experience as Founder, CTO, and VP Operations.  Chris is a unique individual that possesses both engineering level technical expertise in a


Our total funding solution will save time, money and allow you to focus on growing your company